Copper Ionizer UV-C

This Copper Ionizer is a revolutionary combination of UV-C and copper electrolysis in one unit, able to reduce combined chlorine (chloramines) up to 100%!


Advantages of the Blue Lagoon Copper Ionizer UV-C

  • Made in the Netherlands
  • A built-in electronic ballast to ensure a smooth power supply
  • Up to 35% more UV-C yield as a result of reflection
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Comes with Ø63mm to Ø50mm fittings, 1 1/2″ female threaded

Technical specifications

Copper Ionizer UV-C 40W

Copper Ionizer UV-C 75W


40.000 / 40W

75.000 / 75W

Item code



Rec. flow

11 m³/h

16 m³/h

Performance at rec. flow

30 mJ/cm²

30 mJ/cm²

Max. flow

23 m³/h

23 m³/h

Max. pressure

2 bar

2 bar

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With the Blue Lagoon UV-C Copper Ionizer, you have to test your pool water once every two weeks. You only need to test your water values with the supplied test strips and, if necessary, adjust the device to the correct level. Other ionizer systems dose approximately 2 ppm copper in your pool water. With Blue Lagoon UV-C Copper Ionizer, a dose of 0,7 ppm will be enough to fully and safely disinfect your pool. This device can reduce combined chlorine (chloramines) by up to 100%! Max. copper: 0,7 ppm. Connections: Ø63mm. Please notice the correct grounding!


Electrically charged copper ions (Cu2+) in the water search for particles of opposite polarity, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Positively charged copper ions form electrostatic compounds with negatively charged cell walls of microorganisms. These compounds disturb cell wall permeability and cause nutrient uptake to fail. As a result, bacteria are no longer able to multiply and eventually die. The ions remain active until they are absorbed by a microorganism.

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