VGE Pro series

Blue Lagoon offers a complete range of UV-C purifiers for spas, hot tubs, and domestic pools ensuring safe and healthy swimming pool water.

For high volumes and professional applications, we offer the VGE Pro UV series. VGE Pro UV-C units are the driving force in an installation. It is essential that the UV-C purifier seamlessly connects to the design and the components used in the filter installation. VGE Pro also offers the medium-pressure series. This series is perfect for eliminating chloramines in swimming pools.


Advantages of the VGE Pro series

  • VGE Pro UV-C units are equipped with a 316L Stainless Steel reactor or a high-quality HDPE reactor.
  • Lamp (re)placement while the unit is pressurized.
  • Each unit is equipped with transparent parts to monitor the UV-C lamp.
  • VGE Pro units can be equipped with a UV-C sensor and/or water temperature sensor.
  • VGE Pro units are equipped with the unique Smart Pin Technology (SPT) (patented technology) or Single-end Bayonet Technology (SBT) for easy and safe lamp (re)placement without disconnecting electrical connection.
  • Extreme high-quality lamps with a lifetime of up to 16,000 hours!
  • Single systems can handle flows ranging from 0,5 m³/h up to 550 m³/h.
  • Customization of the device to your specifications is possible.


Want to know more about our VGE Pro series? Take a look at our VGE Pro site for more information!

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