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As the heated water in spas and hot tubs is a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria, and other micro-organisms, professionals are continuously looking for solutions to prevent and eliminate factors that form a possible threat to the health of swimmers. Blue Lagoon offers a range of products, especially for spas and hot tubs.

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Small units

A common solution to purify spas and hot tubs is adding chemicals like chlorine. Although chlorine kills most microorganisms, they are also the cause of the most issues for bathers (eye-, skin irritation, breathing difficulties). In addition, they have a big negative effect on the materials in and around the spa or hot tub.


UV-C technology is becoming a standard for water treatment in pool filter systems. The problem for spas en hot tubs has been that the UV units for pools are to large. Blue lagoon developed a few UV-C units especially for spas and hot tubs were there is limited space but still high disinfection needed. The units provide safe, clean and healthy water to relax in. 

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Our Blue Lagoon catalogue is filled with all of our UV-C pool units to safely disinfect pools. Every unit has its qualities and is suitable for different kinds and sizes of pools.

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