Spa UV-C PLS 12-15 W

The Blue Lagoon Spa 12-15W is specially designed for water with high temperatures (±40°C/±104°F), such as spas and hot tubs. The Spa is also ideal for filter installations where space is limited and a high disinfection efficiency is required.


Advantages of the Blue Lagoon Spa UV-C

  • A built-in electronic ballast to ensure an efficient and stable power supply
    • Includes a special Philips UV-C lamp with integrated electronic ballast
    • UV-C lamp specially designed for high temperatures (±40°C / ±104°F)
    • Compact in size
    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Made in the Netherlands

Technical specifications

Spa UV-C PLS 12W 230V

Spa UV-C PLS 15W 120V


10.000 / 12W

10.000 / 15W

Item code



Rec. flow

3 m³/h

3 m³/h

Performance at rec. flow

30 mJ/cm²

30 mJ/cm²

Max. flow

13 m³/h

13 m³/h

Max. pressure

1 bar

1 bar

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This UV-lamp is specially designed by Philips for high-temperatures (±40°C/±104°F). The Blue Lagoon Spa UV-C has a built-in electronic ballast to ensure an efficient and stable power supply. Thanks to the Blue Lagoon Spa UV-C, your spa water will be disinfected efficiently and safely and the quality of your water will remain excellent. The UV-C radiation inactivates bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms and stops them from multiplying. This can reduce your chlorine concentration up to 50-80%! Max. pressure: 1 bar. 50mm connections included. The Spa UV-C has a plastic housing.

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