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Below you can find the frequently asked questions about Blue lagoon and UV disinfection technology.

UV-C technology

How does disinfection using UV-C work?

Ultraviolet (UV) is electromagnetic radiation that is just outside the area of the light spectrum that is visible to the human eye.

UV-C radiation, with a wavelength ranging from 200 to 280 nanometres, has the most lethal range for micro-organisms. This makes UV-C radiation capable of causing permanent damage to many different undesirable micro-organisms found in water, air or on surfaces. In order for the disinfection process to succeed, each type of micro-organism must be adequately exposed to UV-C radiation. When micro-organisms are directly exposed to the correct intensity of UV-C radiation for long enough the radiation penetrates through the organism’s cell wall. The radiation disrupts the micro-organism’s DNA, so it no longer functions. The reproductive capacity of the micro-organism is damaged or the organism is destroyed entirety.

What value does UV-C add?

Environmentally friendly
UV radiation is environmentally friendly and sterilises without the use of chemicals: toxic chemicals require specialised storage and handling. Since no chemicals are used, overdosing is not possible.

This technology has low initial investment costs and offers reduced operating costs.

Efficient and effective
UV radiation treats water, surface or air immediately and there is no need to have tanks or long retention/lighting times.

UV radiation functions extremely well with other air and water processes, as no changes are made to the taste, smell, pH, conductivity or chemical properties of the air/water in which it is used.

How does UV-C water disinfection work?

Germicidal UV-C systems work by irradiating running water using UV-C light. The lamps are fitted in a treatment chamber, which disinfects the water within a few seconds. 

Can UV-C radiation break down ozone?

Yes, UV-C lamps operating at 254 nm can effectively break down ozone.

How much experience do you have with UV?

We have over 35 years of experience using UV-C disinfection. Besides that we are a proud member of the IUVA (International Ultraviolet Association). Our membership ensures that we are kept continuously up to date on the latest developments in the field of UV-C. It allows us to develop and improve our systems using the latest techniques and in keeping with safety and efficiency requirements.

Which UV dose do I need?

The size of the UV-system is determined on the basis of 3 factors:

  • Flow rate
  • Lamp power
  • UV transmittance in the water

The UV dose is determined based on customer demand and the above factors. The dose is expressed in mJ/cm². Our resellers will decide with you what UV-C solution fits the best.


Which UV-systems does Blue lagoon offer?

Blue lagoon offers a wide range of UV systems. These systems are divided into three categories for what they best suit:

This division is made because the UV systems that fall under this are best suited to the size of the water surface and the required disinfection results. In addition to the UV-C systems, we also offer a few pool supplies.

Which UV-systems do I need?

Depending on which pool application you are gonna use the choice is made. For a spa or hot tub we suggest the smallest units. For domestic pools we have a wide range and depending on the comfort you are searching for a choice can be made; without control system or maybe with a lamp lifetime indicator.

For commercial pools we offer a stranger range of UV systems, due to the great use of the pool water.

How often should UV-C lamps be replaced?

The average effective life for most of Blue lagoon UV-C lamps is and 9.000 hours. Although the lamp will still continue to work after this period, its disinfecting value will rapidly decline from then on.

Where can I buy a Blue lagoon unit?

As a manufacturer we only sell our Blue lagoon products to wholesalers, web shops and (pool) retailers. Please go to your pool retailer or search online for the nearest selling point. 


How do I report a complaint?

If you are a consumer and have purchased a product from Blue lagoon and have problems with this, please refer to the selling party. As a producer, we do not sell directly to consumers and the warranty is handled by the selling parties.

Are you a selling party, webshop, wholesaler or retailer and have you purchased products from us but would you like to submit a complaint? Then contact us by phone or email. Your sales contact will then look with you to solve the problem.

How do I install a UV-system?

All of our Blue lagoon products come with detailed installation manuals. Please read the manual carefully before installing the device.

What is Blue lagoon?

Blue lagoon is the swimming pool disinfection brand of VGE B.V.

VGE B.V. contains three different disinfection brands: VGE Pro (professional), Blue Lagoon (swimming pool and spa) and Xclear (pond). and 

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