AOP Compact Ozone & UV-C 2.0

The combination of ozone and UV-C, integrated in this smart designed disinfection system, ensures fresh and healthy pool water with the possibility of providing a minimum use of chlorine.

Advantages of the Blue Lagoon AOP Compact Ozone & UV-C 2.0

  • This unit provides triple disinfection: ozone, OH radicals and UV-C
  • A stand-alone electronic ballast to guarantee an efficient and stable power supply in addition to maximum installation flexibility
  • Up to 35% more UV-C yield as a result of reflection by the stainless steel reactor
  • DUPLEX stainless steel housing, suitable for use in chlorine and salt electrolysis pools
  • The ozone UV-C lamp produces ozone and UV-C for 9.000 hours
  • The device will indicate when the lamp needs replacing
  • Easy installation and maintenance


Technical specifications

AOP Compact Ozone & UV-C 2.0


75.000 / 75W

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Rec. flow

18m3 / h

Performance at rec. flow

30 mJ / cm2

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This revolutionary combination of ozone and UV-C makes it possible to have a pool with minimal chlorine usage. Through the supplied venturi, air is sucked in from the outside into the space between the UV-C lamp and the quartz sleeve. The special UV-C lamp generates radiation of both 254nm and 185nm. The 185nm radiation converts the available oxygen into ozone. The produced ozone (max. 0,6 g/h) is mixed with water through the venturi to perform its disinfection and oxidising job. Inside the UV-C housing, any residual ozone will be converted by the 254nm UV-C radiation into OH radicals (the so called Advanced Oxidation
Process) that have an even stronger oxidising power than ozone.

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