Xpert MP UV-C 600 W

Blue Lagoon Xpert-Series MP UV-C 600 W

The Blue Lagoon Xpert-Series MP UV-C 600 W is a robust and reliable UV system for, not only the disinfection of water in many industries but also for an excellent reduction of chloramines in pool water treatment applications. The single-ended lamp in combination with the S.B.T. (Single-end Bayonet Technology) and the on-chamber visual lamp status indication makes the systems extremely user-friendly. The 316L stainless steel treatment chamber is equipped with DN 80 flanges for easy installation. The MP 600 unit has a compact design and a cross-flow irradiation chamber design with low-pressure loss. The single-ended lamp is easy to (re)place. Last but not least, the Blue Lagoon medium-pressure MP 600 offers an effective chloramine reduction.



  • Compact chamber design
  • Easy to (re)place a single-ended lamp
  • Visual lamp indication in the lamp head
  • Fast lamp replacement without tools
  • Glass bead-blasted chamber of stainless steel 316L
  • Cross-flow irradiation chamber design, low-pressure loss
  • Electronic lamp power supply
  • Long lamp life
  • Internal irradiation chamber finish of RA 0,8 μm
  • Less use of chemicals
  • Effective chloramine reduction

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