October 2020

New addition to our Medium Pressure series

We have expanded our Medium Pressure series with the 1200-85 unit. The VGE Pro UV INOX MP 1200-85 is a robust and reliable UV system for, not only the disinfection of water in many industries but also for an excellent reduction of combined chlorine in pool water treatment applications.

Two lamps

The treatment chamber is equipped with DN80 Flanges and made out of 316L stainless steel. In addition to the MultiMax and 600-85, the 1200-85 comes with two 600W lamps. These two perpendicular to the flow, after each other positioned UV lamps ensure a reliable water treatment due to additional mixing of the water flow through the UV treatment chamber. It can be controlled by our Comfort control panel. The Comfort control panel is suitable for a UV sensor, a temperature sensor or ModBus. It also comes with a 2 line 16 character LCD display, membrane keyboard and is available in multiple languages.

The two medium pressure lamps have a lamp life of 9000h each. With 95% UVT, 600 J/m² the chloramine reduction is up to 24m³/h! And with a flow of 98% UVT, 400 J/m²the disinfection goes up to 38m³/h. Combined with the max. working pressure of 10 bar this unit is the perfect solution for bigger (private) pools.

Single end Bayonet Technology (S.B.T.)

The lamp base is equipped with a bayonet technology closure. The lamp itself is single-ended which not only makes it easy to install and replace but also requires service space at only one side of the irradiation chamber.

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  • Compact chamber design
  • Easy and fast (re)placement without tools
  • Visual lamp indication in the lamp head
  • Fast lamp (re)placement without tools
  • Glass bead-blasted chamber of 316L stainless steel
  • Cross flow irradiation chamber design with low pressure loss
  • Electronic lamp power supply
  • Long lamp life
  • Internal irradiation chamber finish is Ra 0.8µm
  • Less use of chemicals
  • Effective chloramine reduction


Want to know more about our medium pressure series? Take a look at our VGE Pro site for all the information!

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