July 2023

Less chloramine in your pool water

Swimming in a private or public pool should be a pleasure which should not be affected by the typical swimming pool smell, red and burning eyes, irritation of skin and mucous membranes, headache and wear down of swimwear. Corrosion of metal used for the pool hall construction and in parts of the electric installation can cause safety issues. Further stress for staff and visitors may occur.


All these effects are caused by the very volatile Trichloramine (a combined chlorine component), which is a by-product of chlorine in combination with nitrogen containing components like skin, sweat, make-up, urine, etc.. Combined chlorine (chloramine) can be divided in Mono-, Di- and Trichloramine which are in a water quality depending balance. Trichloramine is produced out of Dichloramine which itself is produced out of Monochloramine, additionally Trichloramine can also be produced directly.

Low and medium pressure UV lamps are excellent for the disinfection of (pool) water. Low pressure (LP) UV lamps (emitting 254 nm) also can reduce Monochloramine and therefore also the Di- and Trichloramine, since the balance will be maintained. Medium pressure (MP) UV lamp based systems emit a polychromatic spectrum which additionally also directly breaks down Mono-, Di- and Trichloramine.

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Which UV lamp technology to use:

LP UV lamps: water disinfection for private pools, chloramine control for indoor private pools.
MP UV lamps: water disinfection and chloramine reduction for private pools, chloramine reduction for public pools (chlorine is main disinfectant, UV disinfection is additional)
Since Mono-, Di- and Trichloramine each have their own and different spectral absorption spectrum a medium pressure UV lamp with its width range of UV wavelengths can directly break down the individual chloramines and is therefore specified in several directives such as:

The German directive DIN 19643-4 ” Swimming and bathing water treatment” from November 2012 has specified that for pubic pools UV treatment systems are permitted for reducing the chloramine concentration. The filtered water should therefore be treated with a UV system using medium pressure UV lamps.
The Austrian M 5890 directive (proposal) “UV systems for the photochemical treatment of pool water” specifies that only medium pressure lamp based UV systems are to be used for the reduction of chloramine in pool water of public pools.

Medium pressure

VGE has developed a special product range with medium pressure UV lamps for chloramine reduction in private and hotel pools. From a simple to install and operate MultiMax system with 2″ connections to a flanged system with full control including UV intensity and temperature sensor.

The medium pressure UV lamps are equipped with the unique S.B.T. (Single end Bayonet Technology) connection system for easy and safe lamp (re)placement.

Below table indicates which VGE Pro UV INOX MP system would be suitable for your application.

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