May 2023

Tips and tricks for your swimming pool!

The weather is getting better and better, which means that it’s time to make your pool ready for the summer season. To do this, we offer you some tips and tricks to do so.

Always use tap water

It is important to lay a good foundation for the season. By filling the pool with tap water, you immediately have clean and clear water. If your bath is clean you can start right away. But is your bath still dirty, is it covered or is it full of leaves? Then first clean the bath well before you start filling it.


Clean filled bath

Has the swimming pool been filled with water during the entire winter break? Take the cover off, clean it well, and let it dry. Then take out the winter floats. Then thoroughly clean the bottom and walls with a vacuum cleaner or robot. If necessary, clean the edges extra with a soft brush or sponge.


Clean the UV-C unit

Before you start your UV disinfection unit, make sure that it is clean from the inside. Check if the lamp is still suitable or needs to be replaced. Clean the quartz glass to get ultimate results and check it for any damage. If you have any kind of damage on the lamp or quartz glass make sure to replace it.

Zwembad Jongen Kl

Switch on the water treatment system

Turn on the pump and let the water run through the treatment system. Let this run for a few days until the water has gone all the way through the system. Add the right amount of chlorine. Do you use a UV-C disinfection unit? Then you need a lot less chlorine.


Check the installation for leaks

Check carefully for leaks in the water treatment system. Also, check that the pool does not show any leaks. Also, don't forget to check the pool heating.


Check the PH value

Make sure the pool's pH is in balance. It must be between 7.2 and 7.5 pH. If necessary, bring it into balance by adding pH- or pH +.


Have the inflatable toys ready!

During the first few days, test regularly whether the water balance is and remains good. This way you can be sure that you can swim safely. All that's left is to put on your swimwear and inflate your air mattress or flamingo. Ready for a summer full of water fun!

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