January 2024

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Trade fair overview 2024

In the dynamic world of pool industry expos, these events serve as the ultimate rendezvous for professionals to converge, connect, and innovate. Amidst the vibrant displays of cutting-edge pool technology and design, the trade shows create an ideal space for networking and fostering collaborations.

As industry leaders dive into discussions about the latest trends and innovations, these gatherings not only showcase the forefront of pool expertise but also offer a unique platform for forging meaningful relationships. In the pool industry's bustling marketplace, these expos prove to be more than just commercial hubs—they're the watering holes where innovation and camaraderie seamlessly merge, making them indispensable for anyone in the business.

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Our Blue Lagoon catalogue is filled with all of our UV-C pool units to safely disinfect pools. Every unit has its qualities and is suitable for different kinds and sizes of pools.

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