September 2023

The power of private label

Unlock your brand's potential with Private Label Solutions!

The power of private label

Add value to your UV-C units: your brand

Unlock your brand's potential with private-label solutions!

Distinguish your business in a crowded market with our premium Private Label services. Tailor high-quality products to your unique vision and enjoy exclusive branding that sets you apart. Our expert team ensures a top-tier product and packaging, while you focus on building customer loyalty. Private Label isn't just about products; it's about building a brand that resonates. Elevate your business today and watch your sales soar. Your success story begins here, with Private Label.



  • Stand out from your competitors with your exclusive brand
  • Your brand will be associated with the proven quality of VGE B.V.
  • Personalize the commercial appearance of your products
  • Gain more flexibility in crafting promotional campaigns for your brand
  • Available in low quantities as well (inquire about the possibilities)


What We Provide:

Our Private Label Basic Package:

  • Neutral packaging with your custom-designed product stickers
  • Neutral manual
  • Your product labels
  • Standard lamp and spare parts


Optional Additions:

  • Full-color packaging
  • Customized product colors
  • Your tailored manual
  • Private label UV-C lamp (matching color/logo)
  • Private label UV-C lamp (with custom fitting)

Other requests can be discussed. Please get in touch with our sales department.

Download the Blue Lagoon catalogue!

Our Blue Lagoon catalogue is filled with all of our UV-C pool units to safely disinfect pools. Every unit has its qualities and is suitable for different kinds and sizes of pools.

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