January 2024

Introducing Blue Lagoon UV-C 4ALL

We are proud to announce that recently Blue Lagoon has updated its product range for 2024 resulting in two new products, suitable for chlorinated pools as well as salt water-(electrolysis) pools: Blue Lagoon UV-C 4ALL

Taking Blue Lagoon Saltwater UV-C to the next level!

From the beginning of 2024, we will introduce a full DUPLEX housing for our Saltwater UV-C. This has many advantages:

- Because of the material's reflection, the unit's efficiency will be higher than the PVC version
- The housing will be through and through duplex, so more durability
- Possibility for higher wattage units
- Flexible installation because of the flex housing
- One unit suitable for all pools


Why Duplex?

Duplex steel, also called “duplex” or “duplex stainless steel”, belongs to the stainless and acid-resistant steels. This steel variety has two particular, favorable properties. It has higher strength than 316L stainless steel. Distinctive properties of Duplex steel are its high resistance to surface corrosion, localized corrosion and stress corrosion cracking.

Other favorable properties include:
- Resistant to corrosion fatigue
- Resistant to erosion and abrasion
- Good energy absorption

Due to its high corrosion resistance, Duplex steel is perfectly suited for saltwater applications. It is also very well suited for regular chlorine pools. This makes it possible to have one unit that can be used in all pools.

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Download the Blue Lagoon catalogue!

Our Blue Lagoon catalogue is filled with all of our UV-C pool units to safely disinfect pools. Every unit has its qualities and is suitable for different kinds and sizes of pools.

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