Compact pool system

Easy system for wall mounting to monitor and control your pool water. Provided with pH & Redox sensor (BNC connector) and 2 dosage pumps to add acid and chlorine. Including sensor electrode holders, clamp saddles and calibration fluids. The ideal system for pools!


Advantages of the Blue lagoon Compact pool system

  • Quick and easy wall installation, with supplied screws and wall plugs
  • Easy maintenance
  • Digital control unit
  • Peristaltic pumps with Santoprene internal tube
  • Measurement ranges: 0 to 14.00 pH and 0 to 1000 mV (redox)
  • 2-row alphanumeric LCD, with backlight
  • pH and redox electrodes with short plastic body, 2.5 m cable and BNC connector
  • 2 levels of configuration (user and technician)
  • 2 independent inputs for level sensor
  • 1 input for flow sensor
  • 230 VAC standard power supply (other voltages upon request)
  • Optional outputs: alarm relays and RS232 serial port
  • The separate pH and Redox electrodes with BNC connector can be used for other brands too

Technical specifications

Art. nr.



BL530-1 Compact pool system pH-chlorine NL-DE-FR-IT


pH electrode with BNC connector


Redox electrode with BNC connector

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The Blue lagoon Compact pool system is ideal system for the continuous analysis and adjustment of pH and chlorine levels in swimming pools. The measurement ranges are between 0 and 14.00 pH an 0 and 1000mV (redox). The Compact pool has two peristaltic pumps with a Santroprene internal tube: 1,5 L/h for acid dosage and 6 L/h for chlorine dosage. The system dosages chemicals directly into the hydraulic circuit of the pool. The Compact pool has 2 independent inputs for monitoring the level of reagent tanks and a safety automatic stop in case of reagent lack. It also has an input for a flow sensor or off contact, 230VAC standard power supply (other voltages upon request) and a 2-row alphanumeric LCD with blacklight. The system is ready-to-use, supplied with a complete accessory kit with pH and redox electrodes with 2,5 meter cable and BNC connector; 2 electrode-holders with DN50 clamps for direct in-line installation; calibration solutions (pH4, pH7m 220mV; 90 ml each); screws and stoppers for wall mounting and two accessory kits for peristaltic pumps (suction and delivery tubes, foot filters and injection valves). The separate pH and redox electrodes with BNC connector can be used for other brands too.

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