Salt-water UV-C

The Blue Lagoon Salt-water UV-C is specially developed for the disinfection of saltwater. Therefore, the disinfection system is besides chlorinated water also very suitable for salt- and seawater pools.


Advantages of the Blue Lagoon Salt-water UV-C

  • Especially developed for saltwater pools
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • PVC-housing
  • A built-in electronic ballast to ensure a smooth power supply
  • Philips T5 Smart Cap lamp included
  • Including adapters Ø 63mm to Ø 50mm, 1½” female threaded
  • Made in the Netherlands

Technical specifications

Salt-water UV-C short 40W

Salt-water UV-C 40W

Salt-water UV-C 75W


40.000 / 40W

40.000 / 40W

75.000 / 75W

Item code




Rec. flow

8 m³/h

9 m³/h

14 m³/h

Performance at rec. flow

30 mJ/cm²

30 mJ/cm²

30 mJ/cm²

Max. flow

23 m³/h

23 m³/h

23 m³/h

Max. pressure

2 bar

2 bar

2 bar

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The Blue Lagoon Salt-water UV-C is specially developed for saltwater and seawater pools (salt electrolysis). Thanks to the special white PVC housing the salt has no corrosive influence. The device comes with an electronic ballast. This transformer minimizes current fluctuation to protect the lamp. With the Blue Lagoon Saltwater UV-C, you can disinfect your water efficiently and safely. The result is an excellent water quality. The union at the bottom allows 360° connection flexibility. This is ideal for corner installations or combination with other lamps.

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